12-1-19   ANCIENT GRACE: The Promised Peace (Rev. Matt Miller) Micah 5:1-7


11-24-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Esther-Hope in Trial (Rev. Matt and Brandy Miller) Esther 4:14

11-17-19   ANCIENT GRACE: What's in a Name? (Rev. Matt Miller) 2 Kings 11:1-3

11-10-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Poured Out, Hannah’s Story (Rev. Matt Miller) 1 Samuel 1:1-20

11-3-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Who Will You Love? (Russell Jung) Ruth 1:6-18


10-27-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Celebrating Generosity (Rev. Matt Miller) 1 Chronicles 29:9-20

10-20-19   ANCIENT GRACE: His Tithes... (Rev. Matt Miller) Malachi 3:6-12 

10-13-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Women of Faith: Deborah (Rev. Matt Miller) Judges 4:1-5


9-29-19   ANCIENT GRACE: The Journey of a Lifetime (Rev. Matt Miller) Joshua 1:1-9 

9-22-19   ANCIENT GRACE: The Gospel in the Old Testament (Rondell Treviño)

9-15-19   ANCIENT GRACE: In All Things (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 43:1-14

9-1-19   ANCIENT GRACE: The Waiting (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 40

AUGUST 2019   SERMON SERIES ANCIENT GRACE: Seeing Christ in the Old Testament

8-25-19   ANCIENT GRACE: With You (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 39

8-18-19   ANCIENT GRACE: The Brothers Reveal Their Hearts (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 37:12-36

8-11-19   ANCIENT GRACE: The Dreamer Becomes a Nightmare (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 37:1-11

JULY 2019

7-28-19   WITH ONE VOICE: Unity in the Church is Great (Rondell Treviño) Psalm 133:1-3

7-21-19   WITH ONE VOICE: Deliverance from a Muddy Pit (Rondell Treviño) Psalm 40:1-3

7-14-19   WITH ONE VOICE: Tears of Lament (Rev. Matt Miller) Psalm 6

7-7-19   WITH ONE VOICE: The Fullness of Joy (Rev. Matt Miller) Psalm 16

JUNE 2019

6-30-19   WITH ONE VOICE: Hide and Seek (Russell Jung) Psalm 139

6-23-19   WITH ONE VOICE: My Whole Heart (Russell Jung) Psalm 138  

6-16-19   WITH ONE VOICE: The Lord is My Shepherd (Rev. Matt Miller) Psalm 23

6-9-19   WITH ONE VOICE: A Psalm of Praise. Of David (Rev. Matt Miller) Psalm 145

6-2-19   WITH ONE VOICE: Sing a New Song (Rev. Matt Miller) Psalm 96

MAY 2019

5-26-19   WITH ONE VOICE: Two Paths (Rev. Matt Miller) Psalm 1

5-19-19   Born Again (Rev. Jason Mendoza) 1 John 5:1-5

5-5-19   MISSION SUNDAY: Caught in the Backdraft (Rev. Mike Malone) Mark 1:9-15

APRIL 2019

4-28-19   YOUTH SUNDAY: A Picture of God's Kingdom (Rondell Treviño) Isaiah 11:1-9

4-21-19   EASTER SUNDAY: Do You Believe in Miracles?! (Rev. Matt Miller) John 20:19-29

4-14-19   PALM SUNDAY: Yesterday, Today and Forever (Rev. Matt Miller) Matthew 21:1-11

4-7-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Liars Welcome (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 27:1-45

MARCH 2019

3-31-19   ANCIENT GRACE: The Steadfast Love of the Lord Never Fails (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 24

3-24-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Test of Faith (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 22:1-18

3-17-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Righteous Faith (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 15:1-18a

3-10-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Blessed to be a Blessing (Russell Jung) Genesis 12:1-9

3-3-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Babbling Fools (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 11:1-9


2-24-19   ANCIENT GRACE: A Curse and a Blessing (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 9:18-29

2-17-19   ANCIENT GRACE: You Never Let Go Genesis (Rev. Matt Miller) 8:20-9:17

2-10-19   ANCIENT GRACE: God Remembered Noah (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 8:1-19

2-3-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Water Rising (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 7

JANUARY 2019   SERMON SERIES ANCIENT GRACE: Seeing Christ in the Old Testament

1-27-19   ANCIENT GRACE: God's Deliverance (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 6:9-22

1-20-19   ANCIENT GRACE: But Noah... (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 6:1-8

1-13-19   ANCIENT GRACE: God's Work of Atonement (Rev. Matt Miller) Leviticus 23:26-32

1-6-19   ANCIENT GRACE: Grace Appears (Rev. Matt Miller) Genesis 3:1-15 


12-24-18   Silent Night, Holy Night (Rev. Matt Miller)

12-23-18   Who Is Your King? (Rev. Matt Miller)